American Institute Of Graphic Artists

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American Institute of Graphic Artists (AIGA) is the leading professional organization for the discipline of the graphic design field. According to AIGA’s website, the emphasis is on the importance of “advancing design as a respected craft, strategic advantage, and vital force while enhancing the value and deepening the impact design has on society as well as the future” (‘About AIGA’). Presented on the website information varies from information on significant topics and imported media found in the Design Archives that is relevant to all academic disciplines (Grefe, 9). Mentioned on the George Mason University Infoguides page dedicated to graphic design states that AIGA’s Design Archives has more than 20,000 selections dating all the way…show more content…
Two of the notable key speakers at the conference were Eric Baker and Paulina Reyes, who presented the audience with topics on the history and creativity within design. Both presenters discussed how design may appear altered by different interpretations; as well as viewing personal experience and lifestyle as an expression in artwork. The design conferences may house over 1,800 attendees with information that may influence the eye of a designer (Carson, 24). The organization has different ways of making information available for the graphic design discipline, whether it is available on their website, at their annual design conference, or through their elected president.
The individual who is in charge of the leading organization is President Su Mathews Hale. Besides being the current president on AIGA’s board of directors; Hale is a senior partner of design at Lippincott (‘People’). Hale also making a future for female designers by leading the Women’s Leadership Initiative. This is a group that focuses on the empowerment of female designers and targeting the issues they face today (‘Women’s Leadership Initiative’). From this, we can conclude that Su Mathews Hale is not only a designer studying graphic design but a great innovator leading the AIGA
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