American Institute Of Stress Essay

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According to “The American Institute of Stress” there are numerous emotional and physical disorders that we have with our health. (The American Institute of Stress;IAS) Stress can overrule and overwhelm people's lives. The definition of stress for most people depend on the negative feelings and emotions they produce. Here in a few moments i’m going to explain how. There are so many gestures and indications that are with stress. People don’t think they could be stressed out so easily, dealing with work, school, working at home,feeding/supporting a family,and, animals to take care of. Most people get stressed to the max; because, they don’t have enough time to do all the chores they need to get done, in an amount of time that is needed.…show more content…
People are often disorganized, this will lead up to not knowing what’s going on and trouble at times. When others often go to sleep stressed, you will have nightmares when they attentive or have terrifying dreams, this is not the dreams that is interesting a person, that's why I suggest going to bed earlier so you won’t have to be in this case. (The American Institute of Stress;IAS)
Most people when they are urgency they tend to eat more than they should. They do this because, possibly they are “bored”, and have nothing better to do with them. Eating a lot can cause health problems, friendship, and bullying. Bullying is the most problems today in society, putting others down, and not bringing them up and make them feel like they are
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