American Intelligence Failures That Led to the Invasion of Iraq

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Intelligence: Meaning and Background Before understanding the intelligence failures that led to the Invasion of Iraq by the US, we need to understand the general theory of Intelligence. This theory can very easily be explained by making use of the exposition of the fundamentals of science. Intelligence can either be defined as an art of a science, but its importance in warfare cannot be neglected. Another thing that can be of great value to the intelligence theory is the understanding of its application in the past especially as this theory was used in the study of warfare. A better understanding of this would definitely result in a better application of this theory in future practice. There are many different meanings of the term intelligence. Intelligence was not considered a serious subject for study before Sherman Kent wrote a book called "Strategic Intelligence for American World Policy" in 1949. In this book he had explained that this term was used by the intelligence practitioners to refer to as information, meanwhile the organizations use this term to explain the activities that produce this information. An explanation of the intelligence failure It is important for us to discuss and analyze the situation of Iraq with respect to the intelligence failure because it not only had dire consequences on the invaded country, but also on the image of America. People from all over the world protested against this move pulled by American under the government of Bush.

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