American Involvement During Foreign Affairs

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Rolando Alonso Olivares-Moreno Ms. Faris English IV 16 May 2017 American Involvement In Foreign Affairs A Muslim immigrant shoots his two daughters to death on concerns about their “western lifestyle”. The people of the United States are firm believers of this country being the land of the free. Yes, the U.S. has problems of their own to worry about, for example the poverty and all the hate crimes going on, but the United States has historically taken on the responsibility on aiding other countries in need. Although people believe the U.S. should not be involved in foreign affairs, historical data has proven that U.S. involvement with foreign affairs is beneficial because it results in economic benefit, more allies, and larger military…show more content…
The Obama administration did a good job of “bolstering” Jordan against chaos from Iraq and Syria so far, but stepping back from the region could still stir up some problems with the neighboring countries of Jordan such as Lebanon, Turkey, Tunisia, and Egypt. Although it being risky for the United States, it may not always work to be involved in other countries because of cost and resources that would be used to stabilize the foreign countries rather than reconstructing them. All of these countries want and need western economic, diplomatic, technical, and military assistance, but in order to make that happen, the U.S. needs to get rid of the root of the problem, stating that no matter how many terrorists the United States kills, if these civil wars don’t stop, “more young men will turn to terrorism” (Pollack). There are urgent requests from the Yemeni government for economic reconstruction, which is in a deadly competition with Al-Quaeda (C. Chosky & J. Chosky). Hence, the United States could do a better job in foreign nations. If the American people were at risk of a failed economy, surely American allies would come to the rescue and help, moreover if the U.S. goes into other Nations, they gain allies along with providing the other country aid and support. Although the United States has had a respectable amount of experience in reconstructing countries ever since after WWII ended, the United States has not really invested “similarly adequate
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