American Jewish History Essay

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The study of history and historical writings is called historiography; American Jewish history is one form to study about the past of the American Jews. Jacob Rader Marcus and Hasia R. Diner are two historians who broke down American Jewish historiography according to their point of views. In “The Periodization of American Jewish History,” Marcus focuses on four periods of American Jewish history. On the other hand, in “The Study of American Jewish History: in the Academy, in the Community,” Diner discusses many dates celebrate and urge the study of American Jewish history. Marcus and Diner both approach with historical information; however, Marcus approaches historiography through specific, cultural eras while Diner briefly summarizes …show more content…
Meanwhile, from 1852-1920, East European immigrants joined the lives of the German immigrants. They were orthodox and devout Jews who cared passionately about their Jewish culture. Eventually, the harmony between the Germans and East Europeans faded when the East Europeans wished to overthrow the power of the Germans. However, the Germans refused to give up their power and by the 1920’s, the two groups were on their own, separate paths. Lastly comes the American Jewry period, which began in 1921. By this time, the Jews were considered natives so cultural and social intermarriage was practically unavoidable. These “American” Jews had little knowledge of their European background. The lives of the children of the East European were increasingly better because they joined the white-collar class, were largely in commerce and trade, and acquired higher educations. Hasia R. Diner illustrates American Jewish history through monumental events from the past. According to him, East European Jewish immigrants entered the United States and Great Britain at the end of the eighteenth century. They drew much attention to their Jewish culture and foreignness causing anti-Semitism to emerge. In 1905, a public history program took place to commemorate 250 years of Jewish settlement in North America. During that year and a few years before, there were bloody demonstrations against the Jews in Kishinev