American Justice System Unfair

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The American Justice System is corrupt and unfair. The system favors the rich and powerful, and biased toward the minority and lower class. Wealthy people and the political elite can get away with more by paying off Judges and other government officials. The more expensive lawyers are able to acquit someone of charges no matter what the evidence against them, while the rest of the population, is at the mercy of the court system. The system is in need of a complete overhaul to stop these injustices. A survey conducted for the “American Bar Association”, indicates that forty-seven percent of the public view the American Justice System as poor and unfair to minorities. Ninety percent of respondents said that corporations and affluent people have…show more content…
Witnesses were called up to testify about the authenticity of such a rule. The key witness was Paula robe, the prosecutor who formulated the policy. She even filed papers stating that there was no basis for a mistrial because there was no false testimony during the trial. Mr. Rubashkin’s attorney uncovered evidence that there was flagrant misconduct during the initial trial. Notes produced later of a meeting between prosecutors in December 2008; show that a stipulation was made which prohibited any Rubashkin from being involved in any capacity. If so, the company would be forfeited to the government…show more content…
Another prospective bidder, Sid Bornstein, said the no Rubashkin rule was the reason he didn’t purchase the company, because in order to run a profitable company, he would need the guidance and experience from the Rubashkin’s in running the company. Other bidders voiced similar complaints. The inability to consult with Rubashkin or his family members would cause the company to run inefficiently and would not be worth investing in. Offers exceeding $40 million were withdrawn after the prospective buyers were told they could not use the brand name or trademark and would have to start building they are company reputation from
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