American Kane Monologue

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I have heard stories of a light so bright it could light up a world. A light so bright it caused darkness to hide in the shadows, bringing life to a world known as earth. On aged videos, with poor audio, there are the playbacks of streams flowing in crooked banks. The water sparkles, catching the light and playing with the shine, allowing glints and sparks. Ancient animals with black and white stripes, huge mains, or long necks, ruled dry lands where the sun poured throughout. It's beautiful, or it was beautiful. My parents were just children when the desolation first began. My body longs to see this world in person, although we are told it’s not inhabitable. The overly polluted air is no longer breathable, animals died off, and people were…show more content…
He adjusts his already perfect tie as he waves his way to the pedestal. The introductory women steps back exchanging a quick side-hug with him. He stares out at us, a look of pride upon his face “Now, most of you know me, but I'd like to introduce myself. My name is Brendan Kane, Though most call me the savior of the human race.” Another round of applause rises from the audience. The 30 by 30 screen behind him becomes alive, and a video flashes into focus. First a crying child is shown, coughing in a foggy alleyway, calling for someone, anyone. It’s the sad cliché truth about how destruction was the life for so many. A field ablaze is portrayed next, the burning of crops and withered produce. After, mass riots and murders on the streets, the dead’s houses being ransacked. Gasps ripple through the crowd. Brendan Kane is then shown on a stage in the video “People of world, I have finally perfected a man made Plannet!” the video zooms out of the polluted atmosphere showing a metal world encased within a dome. “this is a virtual world that can save you and your family! No more fighting, peace and safety is finally in your reach” the video shows the highlights of living on a metal world where your world is “safe and peaceful” the video is short, close to 2 minutes long. Then Mr. Kane is shown again “And every single person’s ticket is already paid for!…show more content…
Kane “Now every year we show you the progress our probes have made in scanning our dear Earth” he signals to the screen once more. “Take a look” the screen flickers until the pixelated video is finally shown. Gasps echo throughout the crowed, my hand is slightly squeezed from my mother, her tear filled eyes are strained on the screen. Dust devils swirl up into the air as the prob looks down upon a desolated landscape. I feel numb, every year my hopes rise, as I feed myself fantasies from my parent’s stories. Then each year they are destroyed with the heart wrenching truth. The screen finishes again, showing course after course of earthly destruction. “I'm so sorry to say that earth is still unlivable” he looks down a sorrowful anger expressed through him “I'm sorry” He says again as he then proceeds to walk off the stage. The woman who introduced him steps in quickly to fill his place. Her blond hair cascading over her shoulder as she taps the mic. “Okay, to get this years round of shots proceed to building B. If you happen to have any questions, proceed to building
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