American Law Enforcement And Its Impact On The United States

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Since the beginning of police work in America, the system has changed from disorganized chaos into a well structured and rather complex network of communication, response efforts, and detection of lawless behavior. From the creation of the town watch to the transformation of the first police force in the colonies to the lawlessness of the old west and the efforts to revive efficient police work, America has been ever advancing its protection of those who live in the White House, the suburbs, the slums, and even those struggling on the streets. The History of Policing in America is not derived from one origin of time but rather taking the highest qualities of protection from within itself and countries of both friend and foe. The first form of law enforcement or in other words small scale protection was over 360 years ago in Boston Massachusetts (Johnson, American Law Enforcement, 1981). In the early 1630’s, the colonists of Boston created a local ordinance that allowed for a constable, or a peace officer, to be appointed by the townsfolk (mainly puritans) for protection and peace management. These early constables did not focus on crime prevention but rather an after-the-fact focus that was based mainly on 1st person witnesses and whatever amounts of small evidence that the peace officer could gather from the scene (Johnson, The Early Days of American Law Enforcement, 1981). This form of law enforcement was largely ineffective and relied on mostly volunteers that did not

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