American Law Enforcement Has Changed A Great Deal

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The majority of law enforcement has not been updated on sensitivity and emotional kindness AS A WHOLE for some time. Gone are the days of the law enforcement officer being able to respond to a high priority scene with a smile. After the Miami Crisis in the 80’s, it seemed as though America has resorted to the Wild West in some areas. There is little room for anything in American Law Enforcement that is not fueled by fear and high stress levels. The standards and disposition qualities sought by law enforcement agencies has changed a great deal since the 70’s. While America has been having people of all complexions and genetic backgrounds since the 1880’s. “Samuel James Battle (January 16, 1883 - August 7, 1966) was the first black police…show more content…
There has also been law enforcement shootings that were based solely on ego and lack of regulation. But the ability to differentiate the mental crisis and the asshole needs to be a skill that any law enforcement officer should have from day 1. The ability to read people and their body language is essential. The ability to reason or attempt to reason with a distressed person is essential. And 40 hours of training is a great start, but it is not enough. This can be laid out in a different manner to explain the problem. Out of 16 weeks of police training, there is only one week utilized to teach a professional how to talk someone out of doing something damaging to themselves or anyone in the vicinity. There has not been a good working knowledge on body language, negotiations, and calming an irate person in that week. Let alone a person who has a serious mental health issue who is not in their right mind. A person who has a chemical mental illness is likely regulated and being treated by a physician or medical professional. However, There is still a stigma to the mental health need so many people do not seek treatment but instead self medicate. Drug addiction and overdose is a sign of mental illness. If mental health that was not only quality but easily accessible to any person in need, it would eliminate a portion of the need for crisis intervention. A person who
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