American Literature : America Is The Land Of Freedom

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“America is the land of freedom,” they say. “Respectful to all,” they say. “American Dream,” they say. Quite often when people talk of America, they usually mention all of the great perks of living here, the freedom we have, or ability to pursue happiness. Although living in America today does include an enormous list of amazing benefits, it would be wrong to forget what made America what it is today. Looking back on the history of America, times were not always as simple or fair. During the birth of America, many groups of people were mistreated such as Native Americans, African Americans, and women. Because these different groups of people were oppressed, they were in constant search for hope. Often, those who were oppressed found their hope through the works of different writings or ideas circulating. The hope received through various writings and ideas kept oppressed groups fighting for equality and what they believed was right. American Literature, before 1865, reflects on and shapes the values that make up American identity and culture. In their texts, American writers used the main issue of struggle--normally shown through slavery--to become relatable and spread the facts about events that were occurring leading up to the end of the American Civil War. After mentioning a struggle in their texts, it was common for writers to provide hope or advice for those who were going through the struggle. The hope shown through writings not only helped the oppressed, but it also
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