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American Literature through Time To find out more about a particular literature time period, click on the links below:           Puritan Times Rationalism/Age of Enlightenment American Renaissance/Romanticism Gothic Realism Naturalism Modernism Harlem Renaissance Postmodernism Contemporary Puritan Times period of American Literature - 1650-1750 Content:    errand into the wilderness be a city upon a hill Christian utopia Genre/Style:      sermons, diaries personal narratives captivity narratives jeremiads written in plain style Effect:   instructive reinforces authority of the Bible and church Historical Context:   a person 's fate is determined by God all people are corrupt and must…show more content…
Genre/Style:     short story, novel characters usually lower class or lower middle class fictional world is commonplace and unheroic; everyday life is a dull round of daily existence characters ultimately emerge to act heroically or adventurously with acts of violence, passion, and/or bodily strength in a tragic ending Effect:  this type of literature continues to capture audiences in present day: the pitting of man against nature Historical Context:  writers reflect the ideas of Darwin (survival of the fittest) and Karl Marx (how money and class structure control a nation) Modernism period of American Literature - 1900-1946 Content:    dominant mood: alienation and disconnection people unable to communicate effectively fear of eroding traditions and grief over loss of the past Genre/Style:     highly experimental allusions in writing often refer to classical Greek and Roman writings use of fragments, juxtaposition, interior monologue, and stream of consciousness writers seeking to create a unique style Effect:  common readers are alienated by this literature Historical Context:    overwhelming
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