American Marriage Is A Fundamental Choice For Heterosexual Couples Essay

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American marriage is modifying with the changing acceptances in society. As of this year same-sex marriages became legal in all fifty states. More women and men have children outside of marriage. People that do make the decision to marry choose to wait longer. "The stereotypical roles of women as housewives have switched with the male roles as providers. People have more and more options other than marriage. Divorces occur more often too. These changes can result in a decline in marriage rates. American marriage today is a fundamental choice for heterosexual couples that involves coordination efforts on those who commit to successfully keep the relationship happy and agreeable for families. Americans fabricate an unidealistic version of marriage. We seem to believe marriage is like a movie. That we all have a Prince Charming or Cinderella that waits on us, but realistically these expectations are wrong. We have to create our own “perfect” marriage. Marriages can be everything, but perfect. The ability to create a successful and happy marriage requires both spouses to play a part in the marriage. In time marriages all have tough times that involve work, money, time, and love. Spouses can become unhappy when one spouse does all the financial providence and the other does all the housework chores. Spouses seem to like equality in the home. Imbalances in the relationship occur more often than not. The ability for a marriage to overcome these issues and the ability
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