American Media And Its Impact On American Culture

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For centuries, historians have denied the accomplishment of African Civilization. To this day the day, the misconception planted racist historians remain in the media. American media often displays Africa as a place of extreme poverty and lack of culture. In contrary however, African people had many advances before the arrival of the Europeans. The advances of the African Kingdoms are shown through their successful trade routes, ordered government, wealth, Education system, individual morals and art. To start, the advances of ancient African culture is shown through their successful trade routes. As document 1 shows, the location of early african empires was essential to their success. The kingdom of Aksum, reached it’s peak of prosperity because of its location. The Kingdom is located on the Red Sea and the Gulf of Aden. Land routes were essential for trade because it allowed for people from different regions to exchange goods. Document 3 shows that the Arab traded for gold,with the Wangara who in return receives salt. In order for this trade to occur between these two groups, they met in Ghana. Ghana took advantage of their geographical placement by taxing the trade of salt. In order to keep trade successful, there was a army to insure that peace remained between the two groups. Furthermore, sea routes were important for the successful of African kingdoms. As document 8 shows, the kingdoms of Africa trade with other kingdoms around the world such as Arabia and India.

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