American Media Coverage Of The Israeli Arab Conflict

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American Media coverage of the Israeli-Arab conflict What is an Arab? In a great number of movies Hollywood provides the answer to this question: Arabs are cruel murderers, sleazy rapists, religious fanatics, oil-rich dimwits, and abusers of women (Shaheen 2). This is how Hollywood shows Arabs to the world. Throughout the history we can trace the discrimination in several media industry against African-American, Jewish, and Hispanic people. However, in some North America’s media Arabs are depicted more negatively than any other nationality. Media shapes the public opinion, it is our window to the world. The misrepresentation and misperception of Arabs in North America’s media have led to political, religion, and culture conflict. The given paper will prove that the way media depicts Arabs negatively affected the Israeli-Arab conflict. It seems that the Arab-Israeli conflict is not going to be resolved. The conflict took many thousands of lives. There are millions of refugees both in the Arab states, and in Israel. Both Arab and Jewish people sustain economic, physical and moral losses. These losses make the hostile parties accept inevitable truces. The forces of peoples and the international communities try to promote peace-making. For many years the problem of this conflict has been solved by the UN Security Council, the EU, and even was discussed at the Group of Eight summits. However it is not possible to find any consensus, owing to obvious unwillingness of different
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