American Military And Health Care

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American Military Family and Health Care Serena Thorne Oklahoma Wesleyan University American Military Family and Health Care American military families today are faced with many challenges, more than what they faced 50 years ago. Insurance companies today are looking out for the bottom dollar instead of working for the patient and family. Military families are faced working with many different agencies to help care for their loved one. There are more family members keeping their family member at home as long as possible. This paper will analyze the American Health Care systems within the United States Military and Veterans Affairs Administration and how it relates to the American Family. Family Per the Merriam –Webster…show more content…
They may have lived overseas at one point in their lives. They learn to adapt to all the different changes that go on in their life. Since 9/11 the government has been doing more extended research into how they can help the family members of service men and women cope. When a family member is deployed overseas and the family members have to stay in the United States, the family goes through different types of emotions and challenges during the deployment. Also, while serving in the military the family members have access to all health care benefits which are located there on the military base. There is no extra cost for the health care while one of the family members is in the military. (Clever & Segal, 2013) Roles, Tasks, and Dynamics As mentioned above the military family members go through many challenges. The service member when deployed leaves the other parent to the care of the family and home. Many divorces happen due to one parent being away from the home for long periods of time and the stress placed on the one parent at home. With one parent left to take on the role for both parents, this can either become a stressor for that one parent or strength building time. The children may receive less attention because the one parent is doing the duty of two. They become self-sufficient during this time. The service member that is deployed is focusing on the duty at hand. This may be patrolling the boundaries of the
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