American Muscle Speech Essay

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Title: American muscle Purpose: After listening to my speech my audience will be familiar with the three American muscles of the 60’s. Thesis: Although there were many American Muscles cars created in the 60’s only three were widely recognized. I. Introduction A. Attention Getter: A loud roar is heard in the distance as the driver revs his engine. Eight cylinders of Intense power with its five speed transmission. Cars that are meant to be raced and compared to each other. In an adrenaline pumping race of performance. According to Fast Muscle by Gabbard and Gabbard, “The decade began with Ford, GM, and Chrysler in an expanding cubic inch and horsepower war. C. Thesis statement: Although there were many…show more content…
Mustang had a sleek design that everybody liked. It was two doors, big tire, and stripes running down the hood. As stated by the book muscle cars, “the main selling point what was under the hood it was the magnificent styling that caught America’s attention and made mustang one of the most successful first year cars ever with more than 100,000 sold.” When released it only cost 2300 dollars. III. Mustang kept on developing through the 60’s getting bigger engines and more sleek design. They made the cobra jet and Mach 1. Then the super cobra jet and the boss. And many more each one getting faster and more expensive. IIII. After all these year there is one car that is widely known it is a mustang. Transition: “rev your engine and shift into gear for GM’s company.” B. GM motor company 1. History I. The founder of GM is William Durant he started the company in September 16, 1908. GM at first was not to into the whole cars But horse pulled. They have five different production lines. 2. Camaro I. In 1966 GM finally answered back to the Mustang with their Camaro Line. II. When fist created the Camaro line had more option with their Engines. Unlike mustangs Camaro had appearance and performance. The first model of Camaro was the SS or the super sport it had a 350 cubic inch engine with 295 horse power which is about 14 more than the
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