American National Government

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Mike Puddifant
December 7th, 2012
Fred Fleron
American National Government
Video Analysis Paper 2 In lesson thirty eight; is America Ungovernable? “The Rich Get Richer because the Poor get poorer”, and Lesson thirty nine; “Has America Lost its Ability to function as a Democratic Nation?” The underlying truth of America’s government is both questioned and shown to viewers. These videos have given me a better understanding of the on-going problems within the government of the United States. The videos in lessons thirty eight and thirty nine expose many hardships that American citizens are forced to endure. The videos also expose the problems and issues between both political parties that govern the people of the United States of
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How do these corporations cheat the system? How could these corporations get away with this? Both questions instantly came to mind after viewing and hearing this discouraging and nearly depressing fact. America is being cheated and blind-sided by the actions of these selfish and arrogant firms. American citizens are being undermined by such actions. In the video; Henry Paulson says “institutions that sell shares to their government will benefit and accept an executive compensation.” This statement immediately struck me to be false, as the unemployment rate in America has done nothing but rise over recent time. Over twelve million citizens of America are unemployed and struggling with everyday life right now. America and its tax paying citizens are in desperate need of a new plan and direction towards solving their ever-growing unemployment rate and financial crisis. The government must take responsibility in leading a movement towards a plan, or even structure new laws that prevent corruption like this from happening. An in depth investigation throughout the financial industry, to prevent and enable such distortions from occurring; would greatly benefit America’s present economy. Overall the materials in these videos have shown me
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