American National Interests: The Mission of Homeland Security

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American National Interests With the continued globalization, there are various concerns that the USA come across and will continue to encounter over the next few years. These challenges will become more pronounced with the continued fluidity of populations across the world due to the continued globalization. Some of the major concerns that the USA will definitely have at the national and even international level are the successful war on terrorism, adequate Homeland security and the fast rising unemployment rate as an aftermath of the recession. Homeland security is entrusted with ensuring that the local population within the USA borders is all safe at all times and this includes adequate preparation for any emergency, safety of each member of the community during and after an emergency. The jurisdiction of the Homeland security is quite wide, ranging from border security, aviation safety, emergency response, cyber security as well as chemical facility safety among many others. There are a wide range of duties within this department. But the goal is one, that of keeping America safe (U.S Department of Homeland Security, 2011). This has been and will continue to be one of the core concerns of America in the next five or so years. Without the safety of the American population during disasters, then the homeland security shall have failed in executing their duties. To advance the aspect of homeland security, the department has and will continue to implement internal
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