American Paradox : Fair Is Foul, And Foul Is Fair

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Jessica Patterson
Kaci L. West
ENGL 1102-8
May 5, 2015
American Paradox: “Fair is Foul, and Foul is Fair” Shakespeare’s play Macbeth is known for its plot twists and ambiguous words. Throughout the play Macbeth believed the witches prophecy that he would become king. Macbeth obsessed over the idea of becoming king. He began to manipulate his friends and family, and ultimately he killed himself and everyone he loved. The witches were able to influence Macbeth into believing the prophecy was true by giving him a piece of truthful information surrounded by unknowing lies. The prophecy in itself was a paradox. Much like the American paradox of women’s equality. Growing up, American women are taught that America is unlike any other nation in its equality among genders, races, and religions. Many women graduate high school and college and venture in to the work force. However, many will be shocked when they discover the different challenges they are going to face due to their gender. What’s the reason for this inequality and injustice? The fight for women’s equality is not a new battle to be fought, in actuality it has been a continuous fight in American society and politics that can be traced back before the Civil War. In today’s America, women still face pay inequality, unequal promotion opportunities, and discrimination in the work force.
The Cult of Domesticity is an ideology that women and men have separate spheres. As time progresses spheres change but it is the
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