American Patriotism And American Americans

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No matter the part of the world, the alliance, the country; or more simply, the people; there is, and shall always remain disagreement. It has been our duty as the American People to address our issues and concerns of the United States of America along with those around us, and we shall no longer be ignored by what seems to be our country’s hierarchy. American patriotism and American exceptionalism will no longer be an impediment to the legitimacy of our rulers. We can no longer proceed to live in this fashion, and wish for the freedom we should have received long ago. As of today, a once great nation will begin to lose its brother’s and sister’s complete trust due to the irrefutable evidence of inexplicable governmental corruption of which besides with tyranny many are forced to undertake; moreover, unfair laws and of what seems to be in the origins of Representative Legislature whilst the American People are also being manipulated by this trickery into regarding our system as a Representative Democracy. No longer is this inclination of the mind going to be customary amongst our people, nor our allies. It is already been proven through accurate results that only one in five Americans trust our own government currently, and remains at a continuous decline. Nearly three centuries ago the original declaration had been put into place, and a statement that many have truly held close to their heart had been written down by Thomas Jefferson, “We hold these truths to be…
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