American People's Privacy Is Being Spied on by the NSA and It Is Wrong

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The American people privacy is violated by the NSA. Everyday person today in the USA uses technology to communicate and pleasure use: e-mail, texting, social networks, calling, blogs, forums, instant messaging, Internet and using search engines. The American people personal computer or electronic information is spied on and collect by the NSA this is wrong this is violating the fourth amendment. Who is spying and collecting personal electronic information from American people by the National Security Agency known as NSA. They are looking for criminal or terrorist activities while using electronic communication but there really looking into people’s personal information who is not terrorists or criminal’s just citizens. NSA started…show more content…
Armed Forces Security Agency established under the authority of the Department of Defense on May 20, 1949. National Security Agency was established by the executive order under President Harry S. Truman. Not until 1957 NSA confirmed by the federal government. “The NSA is regulated by federal law, the executive branch, the Constitution, and the Department of Defense.” “An oversight procedure is in place to guarantee NSA compliance with various rules and regulations.” ("National Security Agency"). NSA had three top-secret programs that were kept away from them public from knowing. Until Edward Snowden has leaked the three programs are: phone records, PRISM, and boundless informant according to USA Today. What is phone records? They are Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court to convince Verizon to turn over phone records to the NSA. The telephone records are "metadata" of phone calls the telephone number duration and the location of the calls. The command does not authorize eavesdropping (“Three secret programs no longer secret”). What is PRISM? A secret program that advance "direct access" to the servers of Internet providers like Yahoo, Google, Apple and Facebook (Three secret programs no longer secret). Why PRISM NSA program was was created? PRISMS happen in 2007 when the Protect America Act of 2007. According to Verge this led to the creation of a secret NSA program called US-984XN known as PRISM. The program said to be a

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