American Performance Management Of The Health Care System

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Health Care System is the maintenance and improvement of physical and mental health, especially through the provision of medical services. America is the 37th ranked country which provided better health care, according to the World Health Organization. Although, United States spends more money on Healthcare than other countries still, this country was not in a better place in the Healthcare system compared to the western countries. American performance management of the Health Care system was instantly lacking which is why America was in the last place compared to the other countries, however, The Affordable Act helped the United States to move out from the last place by giving the Health Insurance to 50 million lower class people…show more content…
At last, the Obama Care(The Affordable Care Act) Health coverage, which was signed by the president Barack Obama on March 23, 2010. United States have taken a lot of action to reform the health insurance industry, but they failed until the The Affordable Care Act passed. There were about 33 million people living without Health Insurance in the United States, which is why over thousands of people died per year. Most of them were noncitizen immigrants who were not qualified for Medicaid and millions of them were undocumented. Due to the American laws, undocumented people were prohibited to receive Medicaid and buying Insurances. The purpose of the Insurance was to help the poor, low income people and legalized people who were in poverty. If America spends all their money on the illegal people, then, the legalize people will not receive the service. Illegal did not have any rights over the benefits which were offered by the The government. However, many people got benefits in many illegal ways which is why many Americans did not get the benefits. In the other hand, legal immigrant, who was living in the United States less than five years, they did not get enough health care as the people with the citizenship. The big amount of benefits was getting the people with citizenship, which is why there was a lack of health care for the legal residence people. By passing the Obama Care
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