American Political Culture And Its Representation Of Democracy, Equality, Individualism, And Liberty

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American political culture is altogether vast and diversified; however, it retains one singular feature – it is a contradiction. At the core, the majority ideally has subscribed to the values of democracy, equality, individualism, and liberty. Even so, history attests to the fact that bona fide enforcement of such values is not consistent. The nation has simultaneously promoted equality while it denied equality. It has exercised open-mindedness toward other cultures while it rejected aspects of multiculturalism. It has upheld an individual’s right to private property while it used property to evaluate one’s worth. Nonetheless, the nation has maintained the democratic principles that lay at the heart of Americanism, as evidenced by abolition, the expansion of suffrage to women and African Americans, and the Civil Rights Movements among other occurrences. Hence, America reflects no single ideology, but rather, a multitude of traditions that when juxtaposed, accurately depict the complexity and less democratic aspects of American political culture. This defining, yet conflicting convolution of egalitarian and inegalitarian practices throughout America’s history exemplifies the multiple traditions thesis, which has and will continue to characterize the nation. The multiple traditions thesis expounds on the conviction that the nation’s liberal democratic traditions coexist alongside, and at times have been negated by,…
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