American Politics And The Declaration Of Independence Essay

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The United States is built upon a certain set of ideals and values , written seemingly clearly within the Constitution and the Declaration of Independence. Yet, despite this, there are various disagreements in how political promises to the people of the country play out. The unifying factor of what I believe American politics is, is the development to live up to these ideals and values. It is a nation built on the stifling of true, direct, democracy of the masses, built upon favoring wealth and an elitist system, but despite all this, it takes its Creed very seriously. Though interpretations may differ on how this is accomplished, the basic politics surrounding the United States, combined with a shared national identity and history, demands an attempt, or at least a show of fairness, equality, responsibility, and representation. It may never succeed in living up to the ideals of “life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness,” but that does not stop the demand of both policymakers and citizens to uphold and defend these rights.
The American Revolution, while politically radical, didn’t change much in the lives of ordinary people. Socially, it could be considered a “colonial conservative rebellion.” The original documents focused heavily on the relationship between private property and liberty for people, while excluding ideas of direct democracy. Equality under the law then, wasn’t as drastically important for the founders of the country, as was protection of liberty. More
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