American Politics: George Washington´s Cabinet

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George Washington’s cabinet, unlike the current presidential cabinet, included four original members: Thomas Jefferson, Henry Knox, Edmund Randolph, and Alexander Hamilton. Crucial to the nation’s economy, was Alexander Hamilton, the nation’s first Secretary of Treasury. He is mostly known for his financial plan. However, there are many events that lead to the development of the plan. After the American Revolution, the nation was finally independent. However, it was left in a myriad of mess. It was left with seemingly unsurmountable debt. As a new, independent country, it also did not have a set government nor economy. The new president, George Washington, and the founding fathers were determined to clean up the mess. The revolution was a response to Britain imposing its will. It was a response to a corrupt government that was overtaxing its citizens. So, after the revolution, in order to avoid a corrupt central government, came the Articles of Confederation. The Articles of Confederation was the original constitution of the United States. It was an agreement between the thirteen original states that provided legal a symbol to prevent an overpowered central government much like the British government in which they rebelled from and fought against for their independence. However, the Articles of Confederation was weak which lead to the ratification of the Constitution. Amidst the ratification of the Constitution was the birth of the political parties. The Philadelphia
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