American Politics : The Democratic And Republican Parties

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American Politics: The Democratic and Republican Parties Today whenever you turn on the television, read a newspaper, or scroll through social media, you are bound to witness the same one thing – election season. This year of 2016 brings the time for Americans to elect a new President for the United States of America. While every American certainly has their own opinion on who is the best fit for the presidency spot, one thing is for certain; the elected president will either be of the Democrat Party or the Republican Party. The Democrat and Republican parties are the two largest political parties of the United States, and between the two of them, have won every presidential election since 1852. While Republican and Democrat parties do share similar goals, it is quite minor when compared to the substantial amount of differences between the two parties’ ideology pertaining to economic, domestic, foreign, and social issues. It is very important that one is informed of the differences as well as the similarities, of the two political parties, in order to make an educated choice come election time, when choosing the party and candidate that best represents your beliefs. Although the Democrat and Republican parties are complete rivals of each other, there are some notable similarities between the two parties. For starters, they both have the same domestic goals of making college tuition more affordable, strengthening the middle class, reducing poverty, producing more jobs,
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