American Politics in Outliers by Malcom Gladwell

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American politics has always proved to be a difficult venue to measure success, there are limited amounts of numbers to quantify, and individual’s careers are often replaceable and short-lived in the face of controversy. In his book Outliers, Malcom Gladwell defines his version of success as his idea of an outlier: a man or women that does things out of the ordinary (Gladwell 17). Clinton, a political phoenix, is a woman who rises above the flames of politics and scandals. Hillary Clinton’s legacy exemplifies a successful outlier in American politics in multiple ways: by recreating a favorable public image after the infamous presidential affair, becoming electable and having a well-respected career in the Senate, humbly accepting the Secretary of State position from her former opponent soon after the devastating loss in the 2008 Democratic Primary, to persevering through the challenges of the State Department, and finally, to be considered the immediate 2016 Democratic Presidential nominee without formally announcing her decision. Hillary Clinton was never, publicly speaking, a regular person. She was the first First Lady to earn a postgraduate degree, from Yale Law School no less. She often shocked the American public with her dedication to policy, especially surrounding humanitarian efforts, education, and healthcare reform (Marshall 1). Clinton was often criticized for overstepping her First Wife boundaries, constantly being referred to as “non-traditional” during

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