American Prison System Essay

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American Prison Systems Introduction In many countries national prisons are operated and supplemented by provinces and state counterparts. Prisoners are held in prisons and jails throughout the country and globally convicted of various crimes and offenses. The nature of the offense determines where the prisoner is held and the lengths of times. There are institutions that vary in level of security in both the state and federal prison system. However, the majority of prisoners are sentenced and housed in state facilities in high security facilities. State Prison System- History and Purpose Sanctions are available in the courts the deal with those who commit criminal offences and are sentenced to correctional…show more content…
Taxpayers will experience an increase of approximately $27.5 billion over the next five years that will be spent on prison and the prison system. (Riordan 2007). Overcrowding in the state prison system is a continuing problem and is increasingly uncomfortable. Capacity levels have risen in both operating and capacity in both state and federal prison systems. This has caused local and state facilities to make inmates double up in prison cells. In other words, cells that would normally hold to inmates at a time are now holding more convicts. This causes even more tension and friction between inmates. Types of Institutions There are two types of institutions in the United States, that is private and government ran institutions. The privately ran institutions are paid for from the states government and commonly a lower cost to the state. The down side however, is that these facilities can choose who comes in as an inmate or employee. The state ran facilities are a little more expensive than privately run facilities. Security Levels- Types of Criminals Identify the five state prison systems There are five state prison systems in which exist in today's penitentiary systems and they are maximum-security prisons, close-high security prisons, medium-security prisons, and open security facilities. Variations between these five systems are common and uncommon because in a
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