Essay about American Propaganda During World War II

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No one anticipated the international chaos that would emerge during the twentieth century, especially the devastation caused by World War I, World War II, and the Cold War. World War II was the most destructive war in human history and changed the history of the world forever, engaging the world’s most influential superpowers in the largest international event of the era. World War II was fought not only by the armed forces, but also by the home fronts of every belligerent nation, exhausting the economy, the industry, and the morale of those living at home, escalating the conflict into a total war that was larger and fought more expansively than any other conflict in history. The use of American propaganda in the World War II war effort…show more content…
Because the war started out with Axis victories, New Year’s of 1941-1942 was a tough year for the United States. The cartoon shows the slithering Axis snakes haunting Uncle Sam as a terrible hangover from New Year’s Eve. In his cartoon depicting Germany as a dachshund, he writes, “The Man who was SO LOW, he could walk under a Dachshund’s belly.” Dr. Seuss chooses a dachshund to depict Hitler and Germany as sub-human, but he also picks the breed to show how low Germany is as a country of people. Underneath the dog is Pierre Laval, the French premier who supported Nazi Germany (why Dr. Seuss picked him as the “man so low”) and was targeted often in Dr. Seuss’s cartoons. Besides the cartoons that portrayed Germany, Japan, and Italy as sub-human savages, animations were used to depict the enemy in the same way. The American government and army turned to Walt Disney for his animation propaganda. In “Der Fuhrer’s Face,” Walt Disney mocks Nazy Germany and Japan through satirizing the language, body stance, and culture of Adolf Hitler and his followers and allies. Disney satirizes Hitler by overly emphasizing the Hitler salute to come across as irritating and brainwashing. Donald Duck wakes up in Nazi Germany, portrayed as having a low quality of life in Nazi Germany with a breakfast consisting of the “aroma of bacon and eggs,” and bread made of wood. A Nazi shouts at him, “Improve the mind, Heil Hitler!” as

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