American Psycho vs. Wall Street

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The “Reagan 80s”, a Wall Street bull market and excess for the sake of excess. During this decade, the economy was coming out of a severe recession after 1982 and it exploded shortly thereafter. It seemed out of nowhere, people were getting rich by investing in the stock market. The 80’s was the decade of the corporate raiders. Powerful, money hungry investors would buy companies when their values were on the line and dismantle them, selling off the assets piece by piece and becoming filthy rich off of it. Clearly, these investors had to have had the education and long career in the financial industry in order to have the knowledge to pull off maneuvers like this. This whole idea of excess that ran rampant in the 80s leads us to ask…show more content…
I was the victim of the burgeoning culture of the politically correct. I had more money than I knew what to do with. It was the year of being hated.” Wall Street has been touted as one of the most accurate portrayals of Wall Street culture and recently spawned a sequel Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps. The character of Gordon Gekko and his obsession with greed is still prevalent today, especially during the fall of Lehman Brothers and Bear Stearns in 2008. Many of the executives of those firms as well as Wall Street executives in general were referred to as being the “Gordon Gekkos” of our generation. Most news coverage regarding government intervention in the economy has been about Wall Street intervention as of the past few years. There are so many events in American Psycho that have been left open to interpretation, but the most popular being that Bret Easton Ellis was commenting on morality within society and its obsession with vanity and greed. Wall Street is a much more straightforward text which shows the deep roots of greed in the business world. Oliver Stone modeled Gekko after several notorious Wall Street executives who were arrested for trading scandals as well as his father (who was a stock broker) and himself. Both characters (Gordon Gekko and Patrick Bateman) were developed so that they have no redeeming qualities (especially Patrick Bateman). One of the big controversies over American Psycho was how Bateman
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