American Public And Securing The National Interest Of The United States Essay

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Dhwani Patel
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Being the president who set out to escape the norms in achieving my goals for the American public and securing the national interests, I have persevered and illustrated periods of triumphs and have endured times of oppositions. Nonetheless, there have been improvements and disagreements throughout my time in the office. Over the course of these previous eight years, America has observed persistence in job increases, greater transparency, formidable economic growth, and an increase in jobs in the auto industry (Jackson). In a matter of time, I will be stepping out of the office and handing over my position to president-elect Donald TrumpI hope to have made a difference in the lives of the American public during my time in the office.
The greatest achievement that I have been able to accomplish in terms of securing the material national interest of the United States has been the agreement of the Trans-Pacific Partnership. This trade agreement amongst twelve member states (United States, Canada, Chile, Peru, Zealand, Australia, Brunei, Singapore, Vietnam, Malaysia, and Japan) was adopted to strengthen the economic ties for a more interconnected global economy. For the average working American it shows great promise to increase their income and for the nation as a whole. It also possesses the potential to allow for the growth of the nation’s GDP and annual exports, thereby increasing the living standard.
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