American Rabbit Research Paper

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The Feral or best known as the European rabbit is a pest that has been around for generations people have tried numerous things to mitigate the rabbit population but all at failure. Something needs to be done about this pest and I am not talking smuggling in an illegal disease to kill them all, more on that later. This report will tell you three possible ways to get rid of the feral rabbit and the best way out of those three. The feral rabbits are very nimble creatures hiding in burrows and sneakily creating homes in farms. While quietly eating all your plants without you even knowing. So back to topic this inquiry looks at the best ways to mitigate the effects of the feral rabbit.

BackStory of the Feral Rabbit
Now the feral
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One problem with the sprinklers, yeah they get rabbits away from your farm great no more rabbits eating your green crops they actually get pushed away for a while then come back it doesn't actually fully get rid of them. Which means that they can still keep on breeding and overpopulate the world which means they might be too much for the human race to handle and we might have to leave New Zealand. Which is why this isn't the best solution to get rid of the feral rabbits. It can have a few problems when you run out of power or water it can really cripple the sprinkler and leaves a gap for rabbits to come in and help…show more content…
Now the pindone you will need one of those feeding traps, put the pindone inside and then refill it if you need to. Now where to put the traps, well the pindone traps should be placed where the rabbits can get to it you would need at least two but it really depends on the size of the land. The sprinklers are easy just put them in front of your vegetation so when they want a bite out of them they get soaked. The toxins really simple just go around and distribute the gas/toxin over the farm area. If you want the rabbits gone you should buy the pellets but the main people who would use it is the government or farmers because you wouldn't really see rabbits jumping around your
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