American Red Cross Discourse Community

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Compassion,Credible, Committed, Creative, Collaborative, The American Red Cross calls this the Five C’s and under these values the motto “Support the Mission” comes into play. In turn, because of this The American Red Cross is the discourse community that caught my eye. Linguist John Swales created the term “Discourse Community” meaning that a group has goals and uses communication to achieve their goals. The American Red Cross has all these qualities dating back to the start of the community in 1882. The goal is to bring help without discrimination to the injured on the battlefield and prevent or relief people from suffering wherever it may be found. It all comes to protecting a life and also strengthening the health of those who cannot…show more content…
The American Red Cross has terms or actually a glossary of terms to describe things they see. The terms were adopted during WWI such as cartel ( written agreement for the exchange of prisoners) also another interesting term ( or actually a long one) is hors de combat meaning that someone is out of the fight. The glossary of The American Red Cross has approximately 37 terms all used to identify a victim or a person in harm. The language that they used can be associated with army like language because, during the time of WWI, The Red Cross was closely coming to the aid of that soldier that were in harm and nearly…show more content…
In the reading, “Logical Fallacies” by Marilyn Vos Savant, she talks about decisions. “You get to consciously decide what has meaning and what doesn't. You get to decide what to worship”. Marilyn saying that brings me to amazement when I look at The American Red Cross. 500,000 volunteers looking at the decision of not being afraid to make a difference. Half a million people looking out for others and not for themselves. It falls along with the American Red Cross is doing to help with disasters. To serve and be there for the
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