American Red Cross Ethical Issues Essay

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The American Red Cross has stood for a place that people to go to for help when anything catastrophic has happened in their lives. It has been around since the 1880’s and made a place in the United States years later. It has been there to help during World Wars, earthquakes, hurricanes, tornadoes, floods, fires, blood donations etc. It has helped millions of people during tragic times. You never think of the Red Cross as an organization that has ethical issues but they do and it has cost them their image. Elizabeth Dole was a wonderful woman who kept the ARC running like a well oiled machine but since she left there has been numerous people that have taken her place and then had to leave due to questionable actions. It seems that ever since 911, the Red Cross has been…show more content…
For example when online donations came in for these disasters they were not equipped to handle them. They had to have tech employee’s work round the clock to make sure the websites could handle the amount of traffic it received. Another ethical problem is, trusting its leaders and workers implicitly. Times have changed and we cannot have that. People in today’s world do not have the same morale fiber that they used to have when we were little. Organizations like the Red Cross now need to come up with better ethical standards. They have done so by not having too many people at the top. Instead of 50 they now have 20. They also need to have controls in place that will ensure that employee misconduct will no longer be a problem. In addition people need to be trained in ethics and be made to sign ethical documents that spell out the companies ethical procedures, which the Red Cross has done. The Red Cross needs to be more transparent about where its money donations are going. Transparency is huge and there would be no question if the ARC adopted this practice(Thorne,
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