Essay on American Red Cross Ethical Struggles

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Assignment 1 “The American Red Cross”

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HRM522 Ethical & Advocacy for HR Professionals

Dr. Jeanette Horner-Smith

October 26, 2014

Whether you open a business or a nonprofit organization one has to have a vision and mission for that organization. An organizational mission is the goals one is aiming towards. The mission of the American Red Cross (ARC) is to “prevent and alleviate human suffering in the face of emergencies by mobilizing the power of volunteers and the generosity of donors” (American Red Cross, 2014). However, there are documented and undocumented times when an organization does not abide by the values and
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It plays important roles in society by placing public service above profit. They use a network of donors, volunteers and employees around the world to relieve suffering by servicing five areas: disaster relief, blood donations, providing support for American military families, providing health and safety services and giving support through international humanitarian services. Although they exist as a not-for-profit enterprise, business ethics are still essential to the success of any organization. The American Red Cross has received the highest ethical performance from its employees and volunteers because they give a responsible to the society (American Red Cross, 2011).

In September of 2011 terrorists attacked the World Trade Center and The Pentagon. Almost 3,000 people die and more than 6,000 were injured and in need of help. The American Red Cross raised more than 500 million dollars in response to the 9/11 attacks. There was a problem because they only distributed 154 million dollars in aid. The question than became where the money went. The American Red Cross claimed the money that was donated went into a big pool of money that was distributed by the company’s corporate governance (The Socialist Worker, 2005). In addition, The American Red Cross urged people to donate blood even though the blood was not needed at that time and a good amount of it was destroyed. In the end, The American criticized by the

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