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Introduction The purpose of this paper is to explore the Red Cross of America. The paper discusses the historical background of the Red Cross along with the current status of the organization. Nevertheless, the study intends to focus on the section 501 (c) (3). The section specifically enlightens the prospects through which the tax exemption may be applied. International Committee of Red Cross (commonly known as Red Cross) was established in 1863 as a non-profit social organization. Red Cross works under the head of The International Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement, which is the world’s largest humanitarian network. Main objective of the Red Cross is to protect life and health, assuage human suffering, and endorse human dignity. Red…show more content…
This provides provision to the Red Cross for enhancing the support level of the organization across the globe, and fostering quick decision making and uniform policy development. Thesis Statement American Red Cross is a non-profit organization that works for the betterment of human life by providing food, shelter and assistance to the victims of several disasters; hence, the implication of the section 501 (c) (3) has a significant impact on the services offered by American Red Cross as it selects the organizations that qualify for tax exemption. Information Sources The information sources used in writing this paper includes an interview of the Secretary General of the Red Cross, and it also includes the reference of an article and of different books which also provides the required information for my paper and help in the key findings. Findings History Red Cross has segmented its operations in five regions. These include American region, African region, Europe and Central Asia region, Middle-East region, and Asia and Pacific region. The principles enunciated in the first Geneva Convention were subsequently revised and amended at conferences held in 1906, 1929, and 1949 (Smith, 2000). Regional segmentation is followed by segmenting the region in country divisions. Five Swiss citizens formed a committee, which later became the ICRC, and issued a call for an international conference, which was held in Geneva in October 1863 and was

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