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• American Red Cross

Review one organization’s philosophy, mission, vision, and values statements. These are the organization’s espoused values: What the organization says it values. Conduct research in the University Library to find articles about the organization’s enacted values: What the company actually does.

Write a 700- to 1,050-word paper based on your review and research in which you complete the following:

• Briefly describe the culture of the chosen organization, noting whether the organization’s espoused values align with its enacted values. To what extent is communication in an organization determined by the organization’s culture?

• Describe the role communication plays in perception and organizational culture.
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For instance, the lead facilitator must be able to handle pressures of getting blood out to various parts of the world where verbal communication can have great impact on the perception of the organization. For instance, verbal communication may not always be face-to-face where these leaders may have to delegate or receive information via electronic methods. It is important for the communication not to over load the receiver with too much information, or gibberish, misleading the intent of the contact, or worse confusing the receiver. Other types of communication are non-verbal where a gesture can lead one to believe that the culture of an organization is rude or disruptive.

Organizational culture and perception highly depends on communication as the American Red Cross needs to properly communicate with both employees and the community the Fundamental Principles of the International Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement ("The American Red Cross", 2012).

The American Red Cross has successfully accomplished such a mission statement and core values instilled in the members that bring about success. This organization has established two cultures: organizational and corporate which represents the same purpose, but have different approaches and can therefore present some conflict between the espoused and enacted values. Again,

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