American Revolution And The Ussr

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1st Amendment: As it might not be a prevalent as it was when more totalitarian government systems existed, it , to me, is the almost complete infrastructure made for the rest of the other amendments to live in and thrive within. As long as a government has a lack of control over what its people think, believe, and want it is essentially removes a large amount of influence and power it once had and places it into groups of people. As we’ve seen, a whole country can’t believe in all the same ideals as its governments. Even when the government is supposed to be constructed under the ideals of the majority that overthrew it, power is still unbalanced and will create the same problems, if not more, is sought to fix (French revolution and the…show more content…
One case, California v. Stewart, did not advise the accused of the fact he could remain silent and ended confessing to robbery and murder. 6th: The sixth amendment build off of the one before it where it provides more rights to the citizens being prosecuted. It defines the trails and provides a chose for the defendant between a speedy and public trial Although they still have the right to remain silent. In Order to insure that the trial is fair, the defendant can have an attorney and a jury of peairs from the district the crime was committed in. I find the Fifth slightly above the sixth because it 's seemingly the rules of the game 7th: Not every wrong doing can be a crime, and even if it 's a crime, the punishment for the damages might not be enough. This amendment give an alternative to sue another party for loss of value of something. Only so many laws can be written, so the option to make your own case over a specific issue not previously defined is a huge privilege. Also, because the same case can’t be tried twice, a lawsuit isn’t the same and can be used accordingly. The most famous case of the example I just presented was the O.J Simpson 's case where he was found not guilty in court, but guilty of the murders in a lawsuit made by the families. 2nd: Because our government is based off of trust between government and the people, the people are given a knife as they follow behind of the government. The metaphor meaning that the people are allowed
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