American Revolution Causes and Importance

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Question: Discuss the causes of the American Revolution. Which cause was most important? Why? Mariah Gutierrez History 1301 Professor Harris September 29, 2013 The American Revolution was a major war within America that got the United States their independence and showed others that they were not a weak nation. There were many causes that lead up to this war and had a great effect on it. The first war we see is the French and Indian War (1754-1763), also called the Seven Years War; this war was fought between the French and the British over territory.1 The British were defeated by the French and therefore became an ally with the Indians, bringing them into the war.2…show more content…
The colonists desired to have their own nation, but the British government continued to place laws and rules over them so they would not lose rule over them. First they were taxed for printed papers they used, but they did not submit to that law. Next they were being taxed on imported good, which they also denounced and began to not take the imported goods from the British (boycott). The colonists were tired of having the British government ruling over them and not allowing them create their own laws and systems. They finally took a stand and had created a war that won them their independence. The end of the war was a time for rejoicing for the Americans proved that they could stand up for themselves and are a nation of their own. They no longer needed any one to rule over them, they were able to rule over themselves. From this war the Americans created many laws and documents pertaining to their independence and laws to help them better their nation. America is what it is today due to this war! Notes 1. U.S Department of State Office of the Historian, “ French and Indian War/Seven Years’ War, 1754-63”,, (accessed September 22, 2013) 2. Ibid. 3. History, “Stamp Act”,, (accessed September 22, 2013). 4. History, “Townshend Act”,, (accessed September 22,
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