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After a victorious win against the French in the long exhausting Seven Years War, the British were quickly faced with another challenged, war debts. Unable to paid off the debts, England decided to raise taxes on their closest allies, the colonists. To this, it ended salutary neglect as Britain rose taxes on stamps, teas, and anything else that was legal by the king. As the years passes, the colonists slowly became intolerant and agreed to join forces with one another against the British, thus began the american revolution. Moreover, in Yorktown, the final battle of the American Revolution, the colonists won as they proudly claim their victory prize, freedom. After the separation with Britain, some of their steps that led to independence was…show more content…
However, this idea also help the Puritan community to expand, which led the Great Awakening, a religious revival movement among Protestant Christians who were reacting to a number of religious conditions in the colonies (Doc. 4). Furthermore, the colonists made a separate identity by establishing a law that against the slaves and Indians as people who could not achieve liberty. The New Jersey government were one of the first few to enact with this law as they believe the status between slaves and their slave masters were remarkably difference. Therefore, they created slaves codes which were state laws passed to determine the status of slaves and the rights of their owners. These codes placed harsh restrictions on slaves which limited their freedom, and gave slaveowners absolute power over their slaves. On the other hand, some slaves were given an education in some states such as Maryland where it was not illegal to teach a slave how to read or write (Doc.

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