American Revolution Dbq Analysis

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The cause and effects of the American Revolution (1775-1783) are quite controversial among students and historians alike. One opinion believes that the American Revolution was a conservative movement, meaning that the revolution sought to preserve original American values while trying to eliminate some negative aspects of the New World, such as its ruler, Great Britain. While Americans achieved independence from England in the end, America’s initial traits were not preserved, but rather altered. The Revolution drastically changed political and social features of the United States but the economy was hardly affected.
With the conclusion of the Revolution, America was no longer under the control of Great Britain, leaving ample room for a new
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The women’s adjustments were far more positive than those of the Tories and Indians. Before the Revolution, women ran the household but once battle began, they were required to step up their roles. While their husbands were at war, they increased the duties at home. More importantly, women provided care to soldiers and even accompanied men on the battlefield. This was a huge boost in female power (Document A). After the war, women did not want to minimize their responsibilities to what they had previously been. Notable women, such as Molly Wallace, the valedictorian of the Young Ladies’ Academy in Philadelphia, yearned for a higher place in society. Wallace said, “if to read, why not speak?” (Document J) Women were capable of doing so much but they were unable to perform to their best ability. The American Revolution elevated women in society and gave them the credibility the…show more content…
Majority of the economy stayed the same this time period. Similar to the state before the war, America’s main source for income was agriculture. In fact, agriculture was such an important trait to America that people were rewarded to promote it (Document F). Before the Revolution, there was conflict between elites and farmers. Similarly, Shay’s Rebellion, which occurred after the Revolution, took place because the farmers were fed up with the lack of “equal distribution of property” and a paper currency among the farmers and rich landowners (Document

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