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Raging Bull
“I’m going to make a name for myself. If I fail, you will never hear of me again” Edward James Muggeridge. True to his words he succeeded in making a name for himself and he created the first movie or “motion picture”. Movies are a rollercoaster ride that transcends people into a whole different world fresh out of somebody’s imagination as seen through the genres of horror, drama, and science fiction. The movie business allows people to break through the burden of everyday life. Considering today’s way of life, people would be lying if they did not admit that movies are an influential entity in our culture. Movies have been successful in ingraining values and elements into society. Movies exaggerate, sensationalize and at
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Movies as well as other forms of popular fiction are similar to literature. This is due to the fact that viewers often have to critically think about each characters motives. Countless times in films, we are introduced to characters that are hard to recognize and unpredictable. Viewers usually make their first judgment on the particular character within the first few scenes, not knowing what their purpose might be. Not knowing what a characters reason or intention might be is also known as Mixed Motives. Within the film Raging Bull, the theme mixed motives comes about in many scenes, within Jake, Vikki, Joey and Sal or the Mafia. One character in the film that has mixed motives is the middleweight champion boxer Jake Lamotta. Jake strives to be the best boxer, and be the heart of a champion. Jake is not afraid of anyone, and could care less what people think about him. Jake’s mindset is being the finest, and he does everything to be just that. Alternatively, often times Jake is insanely jealous toward his wife, he judgmental and resentment toward African Americans, and uses his fist not only in the ring, but as a way of life. Vikki is fifteen years old, and she knows what type of man she would like to have a relationship with. Vikki would like to be in a relationship with powerful rich men who treat her with respect. In contrast, many fifteen year old girls have not really experienced life, and do not know what they would like. Vikki ends up with Jake, whom she
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