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1760- King George takes the throne of England.

1763- French and Indian War Ends. Canada and land east of the Mississippi River is added to Great Britiain's Empire.

1765- The Stamp Act is passed. The Stamp Act was passed as a means to pay for British troops on the American frontier. The colonists were the ones paying for the troops and they violently protested the Act.

1766- The Stamp Act is repealed.

1768- British troops arrive in Boston to enforce laws.

1770- Four workers are shot by British troops stationed in Boston. The American Patriots labeled the killings "The Boston Massacre."

1773- Massachusetts patriots dressed as Mohawk Indians protest the British Tea Act by dumping crates of tea into the Boston Harbor.
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On October 19, 1781, the British General, Lord Cornwallis is forced to retreat to a the Virginian peninsula Yorktown. The French Navy surrounds the peninsula with ships, while the Americans soldiers chase the British by foot. Cornwallis is forced to surrender and the Americans win the Revolutionary War.

1781- A peace treaty is signed between Great Britain and the United States, and Britain surrenders the Colonies to the Americans.

Causes of the American Revolution

The Boston Massacre was an encounter on March 5, 1770, that was five years before the American Revolution between British troops and a group of citizens of Boston that were then in the Massachusetts Bay Colony. British troops were quartered in the city to discourage demonstrations. As a result of constant harassment by the citizens, a squad of British soldiers that had been struck by snow and ice balls with rocks inside thrown during a demonstration, fired into the crowd, killing five men. The eight soldiers and their commanding officer were tried for murder and were defended by John Adams, later president of the United States, and Josiah Quincy. Two of the soldiers were declared guilty of manslaughter, and the others, including the officer, were acquitted. The incident was skillfully exploited by the American patriot Samuel Adams to create anti-British sentiment in the colonies. After the incident the patriots of Massachusetts Bay were more and more
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