American Revolution : The Great British Army Conquered Parts Of The American Colonies

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Jiewan Hong Ms. Seydewitz U.S. History 11 November 2015 American Revolution Essay After the Great British Army conquered parts of the American colonies, they thought it would be easy to conquer all of the colonies because of their huge advantages against them. However, the British was wrong. Starting from about 1763, the American colonies were taken under control by a new British ruler, King George III. He was such a tyrant because he tried to do everything he could, to defeat and claim the America’s lands. He created new laws that were unjust and unreasonable for the Americans. Some laws were so painful to the Americans that some of the colonists started protesting against the British government and the Parliament. The laws created by…show more content…
The harsh controls by the British towards the colonists led to a revolution by the Americans because of the unjust law called the Quartering Acts. Parliament declared to the colonists that they were responsible and required “to house and quarter the officers and soldiers in the barracks [for the British]”(Parliament). The Quartering Act instantly drove the colonists into disapproval. The angry colonists started to protest. They were furious about how they were the ones required to pay the funds for the British soldiers. They didn’t understand why they had to pay for beer and wine for the British troops, because those items were unnecessary for the war. Colonists tried to disobey and protest against the British government, however, the British government threatened the colonists that the Quartering Act would tax them even more if they were to disobey. Even so, the Patriots did not give in to the government. As a result, the Quartering Act made tempers rise from the Patriots. As the Quartering Act is proven to drive the colonists into ferocity, so did the Boston Massacre. The American Revolution took place because of the major event, the Boston Massacre. “Order quickly broke down, and the… soldiers fired into the crowd. When the shooting ended, several people were dead and more were wounded”(Witness of Boston Massacre). In March 5,1770, a noisy
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