American Revolution: The Most Significant Cause Of The Revolutionary War

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Miguel Herrera Professor Haynes American History 101 24 February 2017 American Revolution When the thirteen colonies were created, the colonies depended greatly on England in order to survive and make something out of this new land. England not only helped them economically but also in time of war against the French during The French and Indian War. It meant that England had to spend extra money helping out the colonies and also with any necessary equipment required to fight in the war. Back home, England had been fighting a war for around 100 years already, so helping out the colonies just added more to their expenses. England wanted to earn some of the money they had wasted, so England decided to raise and put new taxes on the colonies. The colonials thought some of these taxes were outrageous and began getting furious at England. This was one reason for the tension that grew between the colonies and England. Other reasons like the Boston Massacre, in which British soldiers shot and killed 5 colonials, and the Intolerable Acts, led to more anger and tension between these two. All this things eventually led to the colonies declaring war on England. I believe the most significant cause to why the colonies declared war on England was because of the…show more content…
England knew it would be very expensive if they sent troops from England across the Atlantic Ocean to help the colonies. So England made a deal with the settlers. If they helped them win the war, the new land that would be gained because of the war would be rewarded to them. After many casualties on both sides of the war, the settlers did help England defeat the French but England did not keep their promise. Instead England prohibited the colonials from moving west of the Appalachian Mountains. This really made the colonials angry because it made them feel like they lost loved ones in that war for no
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