American Rhetoric : Obama And Martin Luther King Jr.

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African American Rhetoric:

Barack Obama & Martin Luther King Jr.

Barack Obama and Martin Luther King Jr. each deal with the issues of race and the African American struggle in their respective works. Both leaders use a combination of many rhetorical techniques in their arguments to make them more poignant and convincing. The two men make extremely strong and effective arguments that often rely on pathetic appeals to connect to their audience 's values. However, Obama focuses more on an ethical approach by including stories about his childhood and family history to build up his credibility, while King Jr. uses more logical statements to walk the reader through each part of his argument, step by step. Barack Obama gave his speech at the Democratic National Convention in 2004 to introduce the Democratic nominee for president, John Kerry. Since his speech was meant to introduce Kerry, he could only spend a portion of it on himself, while the rest described Kerry 's presidential qualities. However, in the first half of the speech and the closing he talks about his own family and their history, along with his own beliefs about African Americans and their place in American society. In the speech, Obama argues that although there are many ways to divide America based on a variety of characteristics, Americans are all still equal and together as Americans. He says that "there 's not a black America and white America and Latino America and Asian America; there 's a United States…

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