American Rock ' N ' Roll Essay

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American Rock ’n’ Roll was a huge influence on the idea of Pop as it affected young people and gave them their own distinct interests. Pop figures at the time such as Elvis Presley and the Beatles gripped the youth of the mid-20th century and defined a discernible difference between the young and the old. Post-war depression was replaced by a youthful optimistic spirit, which allowed for expression of self among the youth of American society. The optimistic spirit offered by pop culture icons allowed the youth to recover from a society which condemned them. An extreme example of this condemnation is the Kent state massacre of 1970 where 4 students were killed and 9 were wounded ( Staff 2009). Fashion, particularly the mini skirt, was the largest expression of Pop. The mini skirt displayed multiple Pop styles through the change of its shape while also being visually influenced by art styles coming into existence at the time such as Pop art and art deco. Pop was also influencing art/design and architecture/furniture styles. These styles are evidenced through bold designs that included bright colours, patterns, and unusual shapes but overall were exciting and eye-catching. They gave people incentive to keep up with current styles while still maintaining appeal to the young people. Both during and after this period of pop and consumerist development, a change in designoccurred. The American design profession was developed in the late 1920s when people realised that
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