American Romanticism : An Important Time For Poetry And Its Development

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American romanticism was an important time for poetry and its development. There were many themes throughout the romanticism that most poets touched on in their work. There was nature, breaking free, individualism, democracy, radicalism and the figure of the outcast. Ralph Waldo Emerson touched on a few of the themes in many of his poems, but touched on individualism especially in “Hamatreya”. Another poet that touched on themes of the American romanticism was Walt Whitman, in his poem “Song of Myself”. He also promotes individualism, but also touches on unity unlike Emerson. Both poets were very well known for their time. The themes intertwined into a poet’s poem’s tell a lot about their life and what they were trying to convey. Ralph …show more content…

Although selfish, he had an individual personality about himself. In the poem, Emerson states “Tis mine, my children’s, and my name’s”, as he refers to his land amongst him and his family. Some may consider Emerson extremely selfish and conceded after this quote, but he actually was an independent and self reliant human and that is what he is trying to get across in “Hamatreya”. This one simple line is just a small representation of his individualism, as it continues throughout the poem. Emerson being the individual he is, was trying to convey that the earth is important and no one should take it for granted. The earth will always be here but humans will not. Emerson was anything but selfish, he was rather independent and trying to provide for his family off of the earth; which he knew would outlive him. Walt Whitman, another talented poet, was known in his time of the late 1800’s. He was best known for being extremely egotistical. He also was a part of the transition between transcendentalism, which Emerson was known for, and realism. Some would argue that his work was very controversial but because of that, he conveyed individualism just like Emerson did. In Whitman’s poem “Song of Myself”, he not only talks a lot about himself but also nature. Emerson and Whitman share this trait. They also share the quality of being independent and providing for themselves. Whitman

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