American Samoa and Samoan Essay

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Topic: The Samoan culture Specific Purpose: To inform my audience about what the Samoan culture is like and how it is different from others Thesis Statement: The Samoan culture is very different from other cultures. Fa’a Samoa which means the Samoan way is referring to how Samoans are supposed to behave. Respect is a big deal in the Samoan culture. It is not taken lightly. Introduction: I) How many of you know where Samoa is located? II) AIGA and how it is very important to the culture. III) The alphabet and how to say the numbers. IV) What we wear to church and other events. V) Going to teach you how to say certain words. Body I. Where are the Samoan islands located? A) The Samoan islands are located just south of the…show more content…
Like the numbers 1-10 are the easiest ones to learn. IV) What we wear to functions and events A) Samoan clothing for men and women are known by a lot of different names. B) Some of the popular clothing are puletasi and ie lava lava C) The puletasi are mainly worn by women. It is a dress like outfit that women wear to church and other big events. The dress covers up the full body of the women. It is a very traditional dress. D) Ie faitaga’s are worn mainly by men. It is what they wear to church. E) An ie lava lava is kind of a sarong that Samoan people wear. Both men and women wear these. Usually when you are wearing the ie it covers the lower body parts. F) Men and women wear this differently. Guys tie it in the middle and girls tie it to the side. G) You can wear ie’s wherever you go. VI) Now I am going to teach you guys how to say certain words and numbers. A) The first word is TALOFA LAVA. Which means HELLO B) TOFA SOIFUA which means GOODBYE C) ALOFA which means LOVE D) TAMA which means FATHER/DAD E) TINA which means MOTHER/MOM F) TAMA which means BOY G) TEINE which means GIRL H) FALE which mean HOUSE I) TUPE which means MONEY J) VALEA which means STUPID K) TASI-one L) LUA-two M) TOLU-three N) FA-four O) LIMA-five P) ONO-six Q) FITU-seven R) VALU-eight S) IVA-nine T) SEFULU-ten CONCLUSION I. Learning the language can be hard at times. II. The culture is very well respected. III. Family means
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