American Schools Are Not Providing A Quality Education

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It is a fact that global society is becoming increasingly competitive. There is great concern that American schools are not providing a quality education. The widespread concern is fueled in part by international comparisons of student achievement. These same studies also indicate that American students spend less time in school compared to other countries. “Out of 20 nations, the U.S. average school year of 180 days was one of the shortest, and Japan 's with 243 days was the longest” (Cite). Overall, American students do not perform as well academically as those from other countries around the globe. Business and civic leaders argue that the short school days and short school year in the United States will leave us lagging behind other industrialized nations of the world. So, is it possible that there is a correlation between the length of the school day and the children’s academic development in elementary school? Is “more” better when it comes to time in education?
The question of how much time to require in education has been visited periodically. However, the basic school calendar has remained largely unchanged since the 19th century (Cite). The present school system came into existence in a time when most of the population lived in rural areas. Also, farming was one of the major industries of the United States. Oftentimes, the responsibilities that went with operating farms, including planting and harvesting, fell to the children of the family. Also, in…
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